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WAXGAOT255 マグダラ呪念 (JPN) - 禁色供養 - LP


Image of WAXGAOT255 マグダラ呪念 (JPN) - 禁色供養 - LP


WAXGAOT255 マグダラ呪念 (Jpn) - 禁色供養 - LP

Streaming in on a colossal groove of funerary smoke and trance induced ritual is マグダラ呪念 (Magdalene), a Japanese stoner/doom entity headed by the illustrious Kotama Mako, who has been forging a crushing career of eerie folklore sorcery with マグダラ呪念 since 2003. 禁色供養 (The Mass for Immortality), is the fourth and latest incantation in this campaign of horror; which is a lambast of infectious melody, mammoth rhythm, unearthly atmosphere and tormented chants. In union with the iron temple of GoatowaRex occultism, 禁色供養, promises to be マグダラ呪念’s most powerful incantation to date—rites of purification made flesh through the medium of black wax.

禁色供養 is an incantation of swaggering Shinto funerary procession expression. Heady fumes of ritual incense choking the air, sacred seals flashing psychedelic kaleidoscopes of decadent colour—all draped in the wailing cries of the mourners trailing behind. All of this is represented by マグダラ呪念 through their sound perfectly; compelling composition, crushing power chord melody, sincere female vocal oration and a warm atmosphere of droning fuzz worship.

A dark temple of ardent doom mastery, マグダラ呪念, have used all exorcist rites of spiritual structure upon 禁色供養; providing an incantation for acolytes in need of a monolithic cleanse of evil spirit and morbid curse. A bleary eyed trance of smoke dense majesty, the final call from that which lies beyond the lands of mortal and earth spirit—from that place of the dead, Yomi, and those of the dead that shall forever reside there.