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TORMENTUM - Hands Of The Doom Machine C20


Image of TORMENTUM - Hands Of The Doom Machine C20

Tormentum's putrid first demo 'Hands Of The Doom Machine'. An assault of raw and primitive black metal of death hailing from shit hole Perth, Australia.
This disgustingly evil demo was self recorded in 1992 directly to 2 track tape machine in a rehearsal room during 3 sessions.
It was released and circulated solely by the band and has since been a rare and sought after demo from the Aussie underground.
The original Tormentum line-up played limited live shows and disbanded in late 1993, only releasing rehearsal/demo tapes.
This first demo tape 'Hands Of The Doom Machine" one of several reissues from this vile Aussie group out via Convictus Tapes.