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Nhaavah- "Kings of Czech Black Metal" LP


Image of  Nhaavah- "Kings of Czech Black Metal" LP

GOATOWAREX is proud to present the entire discography of NHAAVAH, Kings of Czech Black Metal, on vinyl LP format.

Although existing for no more than three years, by most estimates, NHAAVAH more than compensated for their brevity with quality. Naturally, that’s to be expected when the band’s two primary members, Barbarud and Blasphemer, hailed from the legendary Maniac Butcher. As such, the title of Kings of Czech Black Metal is more than apt for NHAAVAH: alongside Maniac Butcher, this sadly short-lived duo exhibited a similarly cold ‘n’ cruel violence as their longer-running brother band. The title Kings of Czech Black Metal also derived from NHAAHVAH’s debut demo, released in 1998 on Barbarud’s own Pussy God Records. Beyond that seven-song demo, the only other public NHAAVAH recording was a split 7” with a then-young Katharsis on the super-cult Sombre Records, whereby the duo delivered three tracks.

On this 180g vinyl LP edition, all ten tracks of NHAAVAH’s entire discography are contained in all their rough ‘n’ righteous glory. A fitting tribute to fallen warrior Blasphemer and fully licensed from Pussy God, Kings of Czech Black Metal is a timely reminder of that special berserker sensation only this duo could deliver. Whereas one could successfully argue that Maniac Butcher were/are more conventionally “riffy” or at least more “metal” in their black metal, NHAAVAH by comparison sublimated everything simply to BLACK, cutting out any warmth or humanity further by unapologetically utilizing OTT drum-programming, giving their short/sharp/shocked cyclonic screeds a demonically mechanistic aspect. Granted, drum-programming featured heavily in much Eastern European black metal during the ‘90s – and, perhaps as a result, explaining why so many of that bloc favored stultifyingly hypnotic high-speed riffing – but there’s no discounting the heavy hand both Blasphemer and Barbarud had in shaping that signature idiom with Maniac Butcher and then furthering its fanaticism with NHAAVAH. This last epitaph provides proof of such, and fits in as the missing puzzle piece to this crucial patchwork: Kings of Czech Black Metal, forever reign in death!