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BIRKABEIN - Malevolence & Glory 12"


Image of BIRKABEIN - Malevolence & Glory 12"


Available for the first time on vinyl. Originally released on CD by Narbentage Produktionen & Black Blood Records.

"Germany black metal act formed in 1999 by multi-instrumentalists Machosias and B.S.oD. Machosias performed bass, drums and guitars on the album, enlisting help from fellow Old Pagan member Panzer Nidhogg for vocals and Nelandhir member Freydagson for keyboards. The album is rooted somewhere between raw black metal and atmospheric black metal. The guitar riffs are enjoyable, with flowing trem riffing leading, creating a fuzzy wall of sound in the background that merges with the flourishes of atmospheric keyboard notes while the drumming sticks with fast paced double bass runs and double kick patterns, with a solid undercarriage of trem riffing and frenetic percussion. True black metal for true black metal fanatics."